About Yuma Engineering

Yuma Engineering, S.C. (Yuma) is a private mexican engineering consulting firm created with the aim of providing premier engineering solutions to the industry. We help our clients reduce development costs, decrease time-to-market, and improve product quality. We offer not only the reliable analysis result, but also insight and made to measure solutions that each particular customer needs.

Yuma was created in response to customer demand for product analysis to improve designs, reduce material costs, and design safer products. Yuma specializes in assisting companies to improve products using finite element analysis (FEA), kinematic studies, computer aided design (CAD) and design optimization.

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Primary Activities

Yuma believes in complete solutions, providing support from the initial phases of the product life cycle to its manufacturing and usage. Our engineering services include CAD, CAE, and Quality related topics such as Robust Design and Six Sigma, always aiming to superior cost effective products. Our engineers have a broad multi-field experience. We have been dedicated to refine our knowledge in order to give industry focused solutions.

Some of our partners are:

MSC Software Simufact
DST NextLimit
XFlow CivilFEM

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